I would like to take a moment and compliment Ms. Lynn Berger for her dedication and professionalism in working with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. She has assisted the Miami Field Division in Critical Incident Debriefings, addressing communications issues between agents and supervisors, and team development. Her years of experience in this field were evident, she was able to defuse potentially volatile situations. Ms. Berger was able to obtain the cooperation of the employees involved, to include Agents and Industry Operations Personnel for a successful resolution to the problems at hand. Additionally, she created a plan to improve the situation in the office through the use of communication skills. We have been so impressed with her work that we have requested several other types of the Interventions/Communication sessions for all available employees of the Miami Field Division to be inclusive of work out of CONUS in Puerto Rico, during the past several years. Ms. Berger’s ability to understand, relate, and gain trust of our Agents as well as Industry Operations personnel is an extremely unique skill set. I would like to commend Ms. Berger for the support throughout the years. Her work and services are essential to the success of our organization.

~ Hugo J. Barrera

   Special Agent in Charge

   Miami Field Division

   Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

 Lynn is the ultimate professional. She is a very talented, intelligent, honest, energetic and highly skilled professional who gives so much to fill the needs of her customers. My work with Lynn has always been very satisfying to me because I know I can count on her to give well developed professional guidance, solid opinions, and ability to get things accomplished within the stated deadlines. As a business owner/provider of EAP services I always received products from Lynn (EAP area clinicians and/or trainers) that were well prepared and professional. I really appreciate Lynn’s sense of humor, can-do attitude and amazing energy. Over the years, I have come to know Lynn as a trusted business colleague and friend.    
~ Dorothy Blum, PhD, CEAP
​  Manager, Employee Assistance Program

I worked closely with Lynn Berger for many years during her association in various capacities with Business Health Services.  Our relationship was, in every respect, remarkable. In my experience, it is rare to find someone with Lynn’s sharp business vision and analytical skills, coupled with an honest and open approach to problem-solving.  Lynn has the ability to take a complicated topic, break it down into understandable pieces, and present options for resolving issues – perfect for projects and programs with multiple moving parts.  I relied on Lynn on many occasions to give me the “big picture” and then help me tackle the details.

~ Peter Klein

   Fund Manager

   Local 26 IBEW-NECA

   Joint Trust Funds

Lynn  does a masterful job of making the serious topic of Preventing Workplace Violence an engaging and empowering learning experience by blending personal observations and experiences with humor and factual data. 

Public Library staff open their doors daily to patrons with multiple  mental health issues. Lynn designed and presented numerous sessions in the past 3 years of Preventing Workplace Violence for our public library staff... All of the information presented is valuable for work and personal life. We would love to continue to have her back for new staff annually.

~ Joanne Trepp​

   Staff Development Coordinator

   Anne Arundel County Public Library

In my many years of dealing with Mrs. Lynn Scarbeth Berger, I always found her to be professional, concerned, and helpful, regardless of the nature of the situation. She provided invaluable assistance to enumerable employees and always strived to seek a win/win solution for all concerned. I have always been impressed by Mrs. Berger's competencies and sincerity. It was always a positive experience working with Mrs. Berger.

~ Colleen Then

   Retired Director

   Industry Operations Bureau of ATF

Lynn is one of the most energetic and engaging consultants I have ever worked with. The fact that she loves what she does, loves helping individuals and teams improve, and loves problem solving, is so obvious the very first time you work with her. We have had numerous requests for her facilitation at retreatsProfessional Development sessions for our senior leaders, and presentations at our annual conference. She is very versatile and customizes everything she does to each specific audience. She is a true professional and a delight to work with.

~ Margaret Baldwin​

   Director of Talent Management

   Stevenson University

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