Lynn  does a masterful job of making the serious topic of Preventing Workplace Violence an engaging and empowering learning experience by blending personal observations and experiences with humor and factual data.

Public Library staff open their doors daily to patrons with multiple  mental health issues. Lynn designed and presented numerous sessions in the past 3 years of Preventing Workplace Violence for our public library staff... All of the information presented is valuable for work and personal life.    

   ~ Joanne Trepp​   

      Staff Development Coordinator

      Anne Arundel County Public Library

As a licensed Social Worker and certified in CISM from ICISF; Lynn has been a provider of Crisis and Behavioral Risk Management services for over 14 years.  During this time, she has consulted and provided her professional services to various organizations including small, middle, large, private, government, non-profit and union organizations.

Behavioral Risk & Crisis Management 


Strategic Evolution behavioral risk and crisis management offers a wide range of customized services to assist with planning, preparation and responding to the following organizational needs and situations:



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