Strategic Evolution offers extensive experience in consulting with senior and emerging leaders, teams and organizations on both business structure as well as behavior and cultural alignment.  Lynn's experience as a key consultant to C-level executives and HR professionals on organizational design, training and performance in addition to her years serving as an executive leader herself, has provided her an in-depth knowledge of how to analyze the issues that often affect organizational leadership and provide highly strategic solutions.

Confidential Executive Navigation of Personal Issues

At Strategic Evolution, we recognize that it can be difficult for many executives to request information regarding, or access, personal services offered by your organization for both themselves and their family members due to possible exposure.  As a confidential third party, we will address these sensitive issues in a private and professional manner, allowing for your executives to access the services they need, allowing them to better focus on performing their duties to the best for their abilities. 

Some of the reasons for which an executive may seek our assistance:

  • ​Family Member issues

  • Addictions

  • Mental Health Issues

  • ​Life Changes
  • Childcare  or Eldercare Services
  • Legal Advising
  • Financial Counseling

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